Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vlog 5 // Thriftbooks

Hello, all! Here's another vlog for you all. Let me know what your favorites this week have been!

Also, I just installed Disqus to use in the comments. I love that you will be notified when your comments are replied to so the comment section can become more of a conversation and less of a one-sided thing.

You can check out thriftbooks here if you're interested. Warning: it is addicting.


  1. Your hair is really pretty..and so long! favorites this week is anything gold, beanies (yours is SO cute) and cinnamon-sugar donuts. ;) I'd like to hear more about the books you've read/want to read!

  2. Great vlog, Emily! I love the soundtracks playing in the background :) And I agree - Scottish accents are so great.
    Some of my favorite things have been gingerbread lattes from Starbucks, cozy books, and the Doctor Who season finale!

    - Hannah (


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