Monday, November 3, 2014

November goals

I cannot believe it's November already. I just can't. Where did this year go?

To help me focus on getting things done this month instead of the vague "someday", I wrote out a few goals for this month. Most of them are related to my Etsy shop since Christmas is quickly approaching (51 days. I haven't had the countdown on my phone since the middle of October or anything...), but here they are!

1. Take pictures and upload Etsy listings. I either need to manage self portraits without a tripod or convince a friend to be a model. We will see.

2. Do not buy yarn unless it is for a custom order. I'm so bad about shopping for yarn online, especially when I receive promo codes or coupons, but I need to resist the urge unless it is necessary. 

3. Finish custom orders I have currently. I have a couple of custom orders for my shop, and I need to get them done in time to ship them before Christmas. 

4. Plan and start making Christmas gifts. Should I have thought of this before? Yes. However, I am a deluded soul who thinks she can knit faster than she can. I do have several long drives ahead during Thanksgiving break...

5. Finish reading The Two Towers. I'm about halfway through. It's one of those books where I know the ending, so I don't move through it as quickly as I do other books that I don't know the outcome.

6. Complete all schoolwork on time. I've been good at this so far, but procrastination tends to happen more as the semester goes on. 

7. Exercise at least twice a week. This may not seem like a lot, but it's more than I am doing right now, and it needs to happen even more now that I have a drawer full of candy. 

They say seven is the number of completion and perfection, so I will stop right there. We'll see how I did on the other side of this month.

Do you have any goals for this month?


  1. Well, now you make me want to be productive! I might make a few goals for myself this month too. ;) p.s I just checked out your etsy shop..gosh girl. You're beautiful! And your scarfs + headbands look so cozy.

    1. I love making goals. :)
      Thank you so much, dear!


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