Tuesday, July 2, 2013

my summer so far

reading...                                           listening...
Agnes Gray                                         How Great is Our God
Les Miserables                                     Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone
Philippians 2                                        Scarborough Fair
                                                          Sherlock theme song {learning it on piano :)}
enjoying...                                          Dawn
fresh berries 
baking                                   smelling...                          learning...               colors...
rain                                       ginger snaps                        patience                   gray
family ball games                   fresh air                               humility                   dark purple
filling notebooks                     rain                                                                    rose
writing notes                         wet socks                                    eating...           yellow
camp                                    strawberry muffins                       ice cream
fleece blankets                                                                         strawberries
kittens {named Fitzwilliam                making...                          ritz crackers
     and Bennet}                               food                                  bananas
                                                      a lacy scarf                        soup
procrastinating...                           memories                           
school summer reading                    socks    
unpacking to repack                        
cleaning my room                                                                          

This has been my summer so far...what has yours been like, my dear?


  1. Loved the post!! I love the photos you posted as well :) have an awesome summer!!!

  2. Dawn *and* the Sherlock theme song? Ahhhh!! Too perfect! :D
    It sounds like you're having an incredible summer dearie. I'm sorry I haven't sent your letter! I wrote it like, last week and I keep forgetting to mail it (I'm out of stamps at the house and need to actually go to the post office). Sorry :(

    You named your kittens Fitzwilliam and Bennet. I love that so so much. We had a cat named Willoughby after the character from Sense & Sensibility. (We also had a Baxter, Ruben, Wallabee, Oliver and Charlotte).

    I'm glad that you're having a wonderful summer :)

  3. Well, well, looks like you've been very preoccupied. But that's the fun part about summer. Those photographs are the best. Berries...berries!!!

  4. Learning the Sherlock theme song, eh? Come over to Cali so we can play a duet, whydontcha? ;) How is Les Miserables? I really want to read it whenever time allows me to do so. :P
    Loved this post! xx


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