Friday, May 17, 2013

Lover of my soul

when i see the winter, turning into spring,
it speaks to this heart of mine, 
more than anything.
underneath a blanket of snow, 
pure and white,
something is stirring in the still of the night.
and then the sun comes up, slowly with the dawn.
this is the kind of feeling that i hang my hope upon.
there is a love and beauty,
in all that i see,
and no one, nobody,
is explaining You to me.

and maybe my eyes can't see
but You are surrounding me.
here in the wind and rain,
the things that i know
tender and sweet,
and strong as my need.
i know the voice,
i know the touch,
Lover of my soul.

// Lover of my soul by amy grant //

loving lately...

pink flowers
tennis matches
white skirts
princess lunch box
piano music
florals in general

what have you been enjoying recently?


  1. Ooooh! Did someone get a new haircut?! It looks adorable on you, Emily! And white skirts are the bomb. Definitely.

  2. Oh Emily you're so gorgeous! :D
    also, I love that song.


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