Wednesday, May 15, 2013

my spot

i ride my vintage bicycle down a forest path, venturing out into the wilderness to find the perfect spot to read and write on this warm spring day.
wildflowers tickle my bare ankles as i roll through an open field.
i am free to go as i wish when i wish without any commitments or time constraints preventing me from going where the wind blows me.
i find my spot: a shady patch of velvety moss and lush grass beneath a tree whose canopy of leaves shields the sun.
a gentle breeze stirs my wild hair as i dance around under a bright yellow sun, my shoes cast off next to my bicycle.
i retrieve my journal and book from my knapsack and settle in for a few hours of dreaming.
as the sun begins its nightly descent, i rummage around in my bag for my hand-knit cardigan complete with intricate cables.
i begin my trek home, eager to visit my spot again tomorrow.

my spot in my mind, that is.
in reality, i rode my modern bike to my church next door across a clear-cut path.
i do have a bag containing a journal and book, but my world is too full of standardized tests, studying, and commitments to spend much time with my dear journal.
because i do not live where i can just ride my bike out into the wilderness, i must content my restless brain with biking to a place in view of my house.
there is, though, a breeze and wildflowers and canopies of leaves that i can enjoy.

even though i want my imaginary spot to become real, i will be content for now. SATs are finally over, even though i must now turn all of my attention to the ap lang test.
but spring is here. this afternoon, anyway, is free.
for now, i will write.


  1. This is gorgeous Emily. I love how it captures the longing for what we do not have, but also the contentment with what we do have. Truly beautiful, dear.


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