Monday, January 7, 2013

weekly wrap-up // new year

this week i have been...

listening to // the les mis soundtrack //

watching // downton abbey season 3 premiere // wives and daughters //

enjoying // tea thanks to this lovely lady // snow // cute socks // bbc shows // playing street hockey // surprise parties // chips and salsa // singing all the time // 

on Christmas day, we went to see les mis. it was spectacular. i don't care what anyone says: all the singers were amazing and i definitely did not think there was too much singing.

on saturday night...i got to see beauty and the beast broadway tour. they actually came up here to maine!! it was amazing. the roles were played so well, and the beast could sing so well! belle was beautiful. the scenery and costuming were perfect. it was pretty much a dream come true. *smile*


  1. Ooo- I've been wanting to read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" for a while! Now that you are, I really want to try it out for size :)

  2. Oh! I bet Beauty and the Beast was amazing!!! It was always my absolute favorite Disney movie, and it's one of my dreams to see it on Broadway.

    I'm also glad to hear Les Mis is good, I want to see it before it goes out of theaters!

  3. Aw, that tea packaging is so sweet. I want to gift something like that to someone now. :)



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