Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a blue twilight

there is something magical about the twilight hour, and it becomes even more so when there is snow on the trees. after a fresh snowfall, the hour between light and dark becomes an enchanting blue twilight.

the sky reflects onto the snow, and the remaining light makes it glow somehow. in some unknown way, this causes everything to be covered with a blue misty color. it cannot be described, only seen; only then can one truly understand it. it is similar to when the world takes on a rosy hue when the sun is rising except that when the sun is setting, the blue sky gives the world an indigo tincture. the clouds are tinged with the remaining pieces of golden light in the sky.

as the light recedes and the sky becomes dark and star-filled, the snow shines white and sparkling while everything else is clothed in darkness.

as wonderful as starlight is, it cannot compare to the magic of a blue twilight.


  1. I really like the last photo and yes, your right twilight is always wonderful

  2. Lovely pictures :)
    and Twilight is my second favorite time of day (Dawn is my favorite).

  3. I love your pictures! Twilight is probably one of my favorite times of the day! Besides breakfast lunch and dinner-:)


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