Sunday, June 10, 2012


Some would call me a hoarder; others a collector. Some would say that I have just have an overflowing stash; others that I have a serious problem. I prefer the term yarner, or one who yarns; one who loves fiber and surrounds themselves with it. 
See, I collect yarn almost more obsessively than I knit. I love getting it on sale. The feel of a soft alpaca yarn makes me excited. I have baskets of it sitting around my room. Colors make me happy. I buy yarn almost every time I go shopping. 
That's my yarn story; what's yours? Link up below and please read the stories of fellow yarners.


  1. Ha! Sounds a lot like me-- although pretty much ALL of mine is thrifted and *cough* from garage sales. I'm such a cheap lady ;-)

    Keep it up- we knitters are awesome with our hoards (if you wanna use that vulgar expression)!

    1. Most of my yarn comes from older ladies who can't knit anymore or just want me to have their yarn or they are giving away some of their stash to me. *smiles*.

      Thank you, m'dear!


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