Saturday, June 23, 2012


Life can be like the focus of a camera. It doesn't always go where we want it to. Sometimes that messes up the photograph, but often it creates a beautiful photo anyway.
The focus makes sure that we see little bits of beautiful things all around us. It gives us the ability to appreciate small, seemingly unimportant details that others may miss. At other times it shows us clearly the big picture all around us. We think that we have messed up when we cannot make out either the details or the big picture. We say that the photo is out of focus or blurry. Those images are still important and beautiful.
There is a time for a wide-angle lens and a time for a macro lens. Both are necessary; both can be beautiful. But both are not suitable for every occasion. The trick is to decide which lens you need for what occasion and how to use both to the best of your abilities.
In life, sometimes we need to spend time on the little details, the things that we often miss. We need to slow down and notice them. At other times, we should look around us and see how the big picture is affected by the little details. But we can't get discouraged when we do not know what is coming next and we just do not understand what is going on. We need to realize that there is a time to worry about the big picture and plan ahead and a time to just relax and look around at the amazing tiny details that surround us.


  1. Wow... this is something I needed to hear. You put it so simply and frankly- thanks for that- it really hit me hard.

    I love this post, Emily!


    I wrote a blog post about you :)

  3. cute blog! i'm following and grabbed your button! want to swap? come check out my blog!


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