Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my little valentine's day

today is valentine's day. i won't attempt to write about love or how much fun it really is to have Jesus as your only valentine. i will, however, share with you what i did to celebrate this day of love.

at school, two teachers gave us candy. i also worked on my pajama pants in home ec that are brown with hearts on them. they remind me of chocolate and the hearts go with valentine's day.

at supper, we {meaning, my mom and sister} spread a lace tablecloth over the table and put a red runner down the center with a lovely bouquet from my father as a centerpiece. 

my mother laid out cards for all of us as well as a Lindt truffle for each of us. my sister Lydia made us all place cards. we had strawberry milk to drink.

^my table setting^

^strawberry milk^

^my card^

chocolate. <3

i also delivered valentine's day cards and sang at a nursing home with my youth group.

what did you do for valentine's day?

p.s. there is a lovely Jane Austen themed giveaway over at Grace's Garden Walk. you can win a Jane Austen knits magazine and a pair of Austen inspired stitch markers here and an Austen inspired journal here.


  1. Oh fun! I make heart shaped chocolate peanut butter balls for my little siblings and tommorrow, after class, I am chaperoning my older sister and her boyfriend for the afternoon because they thought it would be to crowded to go anywhere today :)


    1. Ooh, those sound yummy! Anything with chocolate and peanut butter is good. :)
      That's really good thinking!



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