Monday, December 7, 2015

It's the little things

Little moments pile up every day, and it's so easy to miss them. I'm trying to be more intentional about using my camera to capture some of those moments. As I look through my pictures from the past couple of months, they bring back memories of my little sister drawing pictures for other people and playing with the toys I used to play with. There are images of soccer games and church events. Those are the little things that matter, even though they seem small. It's when we bring glory to God through the little things that we are practicing a life of godliness. When the big events come along, we'll be far more ready to glorify and serve Him if we're in the habit of doing so in the day-to-day business of life.


  1. Indeed, the seemingly mundane is what gives life its fullness and consequently it is how we live those moments that marks our life as one of godliness or not. It has been a while since I've stopped by your blog, and it is neat to see how your photography has improved, and your sisters are just as adorable as ever! :)

    Emily Grace

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! I have been enjoying your recent posts and your photography is gorgeous as always. :)

    Emily Ruth.


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