Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites // 3

Time for another round of Friday Favorites! This is my last week of summer vacation, so I've been enjoying just relaxing (between 3:00am work shifts, that is...)

// Acacia Rachel posted some tips for how to be more productive here. They are so good. I'm thinking of writing them out and putting them up near my desk as a constant reminder. //

// I love mugs so much. I love these fandom mugs as well as this knitting mug. //

// The Emma Approved series. I've been rewatching it this week and remembering just how much I love Jane Austen, Emma, and this video series. If you've never watched it but are an Austen fan, or even if you aren't. you should watch this series. It's so good and entertaining and adorable and all around amazing. //

// Emily Freeman's new book, Simply Tuesday. I just started it (on Tuesday, actually, but not on purpose) but I already love it. She has so many good thoughts about celebrating the small things in life. The book is only about $9 on Amazon right now, too. //

// And because no Friday Favorites is complete without some sort of fandom reference...go here for some Doctor Who feels, if you're up to it. //

What have you been doing and loving this week? Do you collect mugs?

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