Friday, March 14, 2014

Those days

 Sometimes, I have those days when I am just done. I want to take a nap and do nothing else with my life. Everything feels like it's against me and nothing seems to go right, even though no one hates me, my classes are the same as always, and nothing is actually wrong. I'm just ready for a change, I guess. I know that this will pass, but on these days I just want to eat some chocolate and watch some BBC series.


  1. My dear it's all a part of growing up, I hate when people tell others this, and here I am emulating it. Unfortunately days like this can't just be ignored, believe me I've tried. We learn to balance our life with the good days and bad. Most of the time bad days have nothing at all to do with other people. It's all about our heart, and it's condition, tired, sad, or feeling the growing pains within are mostly the problem. Chocolate and BBC are perfect remedies. It's all due in my opinion to unrest, and sometimes it's not a bad thing, maybe your heart is preparing you for big dreams and goals. Sometimes our spirit knows what we want before we do, I always take a walk when I feel unrest. Nothing seems to fit just right, not even those I love, quite like the peace and calm of nature. It's a soul soother. I with there was a way of making the soul behave, but alas. I'll be praying for you.
    Blessings Rachel Hope

    1. Thank you so much for this, my dear. You stated everything so perfectly.


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