Saturday, December 21, 2013

tea cups and mugs

Sometimes I have tea cup days. Those are the days when I long for the feeling of the dainty china in my hands. Those are the slow days, the days where I have time to just sit and sip my tea without worrying about homework. Maybe later I'll knit something lacy, write a letter of two. 
Then I have mug days. These days are more frequent. These are the busy, stressful days where I need lots of warn tea in a sturdy, hard mug to help me get through the day. I need all the support I can get, so if some comes from a firm grasp on a large mug full of steaming tea, so be it.


  1. i like this because i've never thought about it. i've found myself just wanting to sit with something warm (sometimes it feels like human company) and read (is it bad that i almost forgot how good reading is for my soul?), but i always thought i never had time. i'm learning now, that even though i'm using champagne glasses more than anything else, that i always had time. i just had to make it. so maybe it's time to make time for mugs and saucers. that way my cupboard can be put to good use. :) <3


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