Monday, May 7, 2012

here, here, and here

i am entering this photo here:

in other news, my feet are cold (where did i put my socks, anyway?) // headbands are great for bad hair days (they're even better when you made them in under 10 minutes from an old t-shirt) // having a 107% in history makes me happy // there are great giveaways going on at giveaways of blessing, and herehere, and here at oh, hello friend // the gaithers are currently my favorite music group // this song was stuck in my head all of sunday //

how is your monday?

natalia and i {not a very good photo, but her face is priceless}.


  1. LOVE the first picture of the yellow flower! That is amazing!

  2. Beautiful portrait! Thanks for entering the challenge!

  3. That first picture of the flower IS gorgeous, Emily! I love it! You are getting so good at photography ;-)

    And your sister. Let me have her?!

    1. Thank you, m'dear!

      Sorry, I just can't give her up. :P



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