Saturday, May 12, 2012

bread & goal #16

since i had no where to go today, i decided to make bread.

i made anadama bread:

and white crescent rolls:

i used to make bread a lot more often, but since i have been going to public school i have not since it takes so long. my brother zach told me that he wished i was still homeschooled so that i could make bread more often.

both kinds were quite delicious, if i may say so myself.

i have now completed goal #16 on my 55 in 2012 list!

what have you baked recently?


  1. Ooo these look great, what recipe do you use ? Or do you make up your own recipes ? I love when brothers give you compliments on how much they love homemade bread. Mine do so often especially when the said bread is hot from the oven. Do you like public school more than being home schooled ?
    Rachel Hope

    1. I used the recipes from an old Betty Crocker cookbook.
      I like both. Right now I am enjoying public school, but I am glad that I was homeschooled for most of my life. I miss the time that I used to have to do whatever I wanted, but it's good for me to learn that I wasn't going to always have that much time once I went to college and then eventually got married. I enjoy going to school, for the most part.



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