Friday, April 8, 2016

Headphones and Bird Songs

I sit down, determined to get homework done. As usual, I open my computer and reach for my head phones.

But then I feel the breeze. It finally stopped raining, so this morning I opened up my window. From outside, I can feel the fresh, crisp morning air. Then I hear it - the bird song. Cheerful. Happy. Something I would not have heard if I had chosen to keep my window shut today or plugged in my headphones. 

I gaze out the window, watching the wind play with the pine trees and the way the sun keeps darting behind the clouds. And the bird song continues.

I still need to get that homework done, but today, I choose to listen to the sounds of creation and allow my eyes to wander every so often out the window, breathing in the scent of spring. Instead of filling my ears with other noise, I will listen to the bird song that heralds spring.

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