Tuesday, October 8, 2013

life lately

life lately...

apple picking
little brothers mowing lawns
little brothers becoming not-so-little
scarf weather
sighs of relief
finishing my first college application and essay
wearing cute shoes
looking ahead {not at my shoes}
too many opinions from too many different people
knitting plans and getting up the guts to design my own patterns
being afraid of the unknown
wanting everything to change but stay the same all at the same time
good fellowship and learning at Bible study
eating banana chocolate chip muffins

What have you lovelies been up to?


// read // listen // agree // eat //

p.s. I test knit a sock pattern on Ravelry! You can see it here. Those purple socks? Yeah, I made those. I wasn't paid to do this, I just wanted you all to know. *smile*

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  1. All these photos are just great! Love your rainboots. :D


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