Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My little funnykins

I can't believe it.
Chloe, my little funnykins, is five years old.
It seems like just yesterday that she, the eighth child, was born after Micheal Phelps won his eighth gold medal during the summer Olympics.
She was just a little baby who fell asleep in my arms while we watched beach volleyball.
Now she's getting so big, my chatterbox, my mini-me.

Chloe is a girl who loves her family. Any chance she gets, she spends time with them. Talking, watching Disney movies, asking questions, laughing.
She's so loving, always ready to give hugs and kisses to whoever needs it.
When Chloe smiles, her whole face lights up and her brown eyes sparkle.

This is my mini munchkin.
Happy birthday, Coco Bean.

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